Resources identified with The Future of Work theme will spotlight forces affecting work, the workforce, and the workplace.

Ten key future of work trends to watch out for in the next ten years.

The future of work would be born out of the present landscape at work – an amalgamation of the need to change, the desire for speed and the demand for augmented experiences. Here are the ten key trends that organizations should prepare for.

  1. Learning to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
  2. Driving Employee Experience
  3. Talent Mobility v/s Stagnation and Complacency
  4. The Evolution of Leadership
  5. Faster, Better, Simpler HR Technology
  6. Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication
  7. From Wellness to Happiness at Work
  8. The Rise of “Superjobs”
  9. A Treasure Trove of Data
  10. Winning with Diversity