The April 2017 DEI Workforce Employment Network Community of Practice examined the natural connection between the Ticket Program and the Career Pathways model.
Our facilitators for this Community of Practice are Kevin Nickerson and Miranda Kennedy with the NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team. SSA disability beneficiaries often require retraining in order to achieve self-sufficiency, making the Career Pathways model of strategic interest to Workforce ENs. Tera Brooks, DRC and Leslie Wojtwoicz, Development Manager from Central Minnesota Jobs & Training Services described how they have woven the Ticket program into their Career Pathways model. Learn why Ticket holders are ideal candidates or Career Pathways, providing the Workforce EN reinvestment capital. Included in this presentation will be participant testimonials who have accessed the MN Jobs & Training Services Career Pathways process.

DEI Grantees and DRCs will come away from the CoP with the following:
  • Understand the Minnesota Career Pathways model (programs and system)
  • Analyze how CMJTS increased Ticket Holders access to Career Pathways
  • Modify and/or Replicate CMJTS’ lessons learned to increase access for Ticket Holders to the Career Pathways model in your DEI sites
  • Create Marketing of Career Pathways to include engagement of Ticket holders