Under “Related Content”, this page contains links to information and resources to assist with the understanding and implementation of the Integrated Resource Team approach. The IRT approach involves diversified service systems coordinating services and leveraging funding in order to meet the needs of an individual job seeker with a disability.

The IRT was initially identified as a promising practice under the U.S. Department of Labor's Disability Program Navigator initiative (DPN) and ultimately formalized under the Disability Employment Initiative as a required strategic approach. IRTs provide the opportunity for comprehensive, wrap-around services on behalf of an individual with a disability or other challenges to employment by bringing together diverse programs and services that meet the needs of a particular job seeker. This strategic approach is customer-centered and supports the integrated nature of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014.

Several resources have been developed over the years to assist the understanding and implementation of an IRT.

  1. Integrated Resource Team FAQ – A one-page FAQ that breaks down the main tenets of the IRT model.
  2. IRT Information Brief -- In 2008, the National Disability Program Navigator (DPN) Program Office began to identify DPN promising practices to share with the Workforce Investment Act system nationwide. One of these promising practices included the IRT Model. This brief details how DPN projects utilized this model to improve the employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities.
  3. WIOA IRT Flow Chart Dec 2016 – This flow chart and accompanying narrative describe a “sample” flow through WIOA Title 1 intensive and training services.
  4. IRT Video - Portland, Oregon -- This video highlights how the Disability Program Navigator (DPN) facilitated an Integrated Resource Team (IRT) within a One-Stop Career Center (WorkSource) in Portland, Oregon.
  5. Webinar Archive - How IRTs Achieved Outcomes - Oct 22, 2015 – This webinar covered the IRT approach and how it assisted WIA program staff in serving and achieving employment outcomes and performance measures for populations that experience multiple challenges to employment. Implications for this practice under WIOA were also discussed. Full publication title: DEI Lessons Learned for WIA/WIOA: How Integrated Resource Teams achieved WIA Outcomes for populations that experience multiple challenges to employment and implications for WIOA