The December 2016 DEI Workforce Employment Network Community of Practice will allow DEI Grantees to hear from the DEI Project Lead for Round VI Alaska, Windy Swearingin on Breaking down the IRT, Partnership Plus and the AJC's role as a Workforce EN.
Our facilitators for this Community of Practice are Kevin Nickerson and Miranda Kennedy with the NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team. Windy Swearingin serves as the Project Lead for the Alaska Round VI Youth DEI Project. Windy also serves as one of our DEI Ticket Ambassadors and was a DRC under Alaska’s Round IV DEI Project. Windy’s VR “partner-in-crime” Jim Kreatschman, Pre-Employment Training Services Program Coordinator for Alaska’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation will be joining her on the CoP and will participate in the discussion that follows.  

DEI Grantees and DRCs will come away from the CoP with the following:
  • The difference between an IRT and Partnership Plus and what it means within the Workforce EN
  • How do the two (IRT and Partnership Plus) work together in the context of AJC customer flow
  • Alaska's plan for Career Pathways focused Work Experiences within their Workforce EN/AJC Customer Flow