The DEI Seen & Heard Series celebrates all the DRC contributions to help individuals with disabilities get training and find jobs through services of the American Job Center.

DEI is administered by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) with joint funding from the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). Together, since 2010, grants have been awarded to 55 projects in 30 states.  To learn more about the DEI and how its innovative strategies can support your American Job Center to serve people with disabilities, please check out DEI WorkforceGPS.

June 2020 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Sinclair Hubard, State-level Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Virginia DEI Project with VA Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services focused on adults with disabilities.

May 2020 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Marsha White, Lead Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Cherokee Nation DEI Project focused on adults with disabilities.

April 2020 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Richard Berrena, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Massachusetts DEI Project with MassHire Springfield Career Center focused on youth with disabilities.

March 2020 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Mary McLaughlin, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from New York DEI Project with Tompkins County Workforce NY focused on youth with disabilities.

February 2020 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Lance Kaldor, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) and Ticket to Work Coordinator from Idaho DEI Project with Boise American Job Center focused on youth with disabilities.

January 2020 DEI Seen & Heard - Meet Christine Broders, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Colorado DEI Project with Arapahoe/Douglas Works! focused on adults with disabilities.

November 2019 DEI Seen & Heard - Meet Ashley Clark, Traveling Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from California Employment Development Department focused on adults with disabilities.

October 2019 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Lisa Dunaway, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Maryland DEI Project with Anne Arundel County Career Center focused on individuals with significant disabilities.

September 2019 DEI Seen & Heard – Meet Leah Hastad, Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) from Minnesota DEI Project with Southwest Private Industry Council, Inc. focused on youth with disabilities