eLearning is one innovative way to stay connected. The Disability and Employment eLearning Task Force in collaboration with the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) released three eLearning Training Modules to help support the professional development needs of the workforce development staff across the country. 

The eLearning task force was comprised of 27 members from 20 states across WIOA programs to help shape the development of online training tools to support nearly 2,400 American Job Centers.  In building on the lessons learned from the Workforce Innovation Cohort on Disability and Employment that finished in May 2019, members of this new task force shared their ideas and insights to help drive the content in supporting the development of the eLearning modules.  These modules are designed to help support American Job Centers provide more effective and efficient services to individuals with disabilities and businesses using our services.

On May 20, 2020, a WorkforceGPS webinar titled Disability and Employment eLearning Modules: A Tool to Support Organizational Learning provided a brief overview of the development  process and its content.  To help promote learning in your local area, a flyer has been developed about the eLearning Modules and can be accessed here

In 2021, the eLearning modules were updated to include new Reflect, Relate, and Apply activity sheets for staff and a Manager’s Toolkit to support AJC leaders.

eLearning Modules

Manager's Toolkit

Disability and Employment eLearning Task Force Membership

  • State Map – A visual map of the 20 states participating in the Disability and Employment eLearning Task Force