State Project Leads oversee the administration of the DEI grant at the state-level.  This page contains links to technical assistance resources to support State Project Leads manage the grant.
  1. DEI Project Lead Guide – Outline of the roles and responsibilities for DEI Round VII and DEI Round VIII Project Leads.


  2. DEI Round VIII Project Lead Orientation – November 16, 2017 webinar used to orientate DEI Round VIII State Project Leads.This webinar can also be used to support DEI Round VII State Project Leads.


  3. DEI Quarterly Narrative Reporting Guidance - September 12, 2016 webinar to support DEI State Project Leads on meeting quarterly grant reporting requirements.


  4. DEI DRC Sample Job Description – Resource developed to assist the state and the local workforce area in selecting the best candidates for their DEI DRC position.


  5. DEI Tools on EN Administration - DEI projects are required to become an Employment Network (EN) to support the Ticket to Work Program.      


  6. DEI Allowable Uses of Grant Funds - This Toolkit includes examples from the field on how DEI projects are using grant dollars to support DEI initiatives.