During the 80’s American disc jockey Casey Kasem hosted America’s Top 10 to highlight hit songs.  As we soon close out the federal fiscal year, ETA is putting a spotlight on the top 10 hits on the WorkforceGPS Disability and Employment site.  We look forward to continuing to add new innovative tools to help improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
  1. Moving Forward: Innovative Disability and Employment Service Delivery (Webinar)- May 15, 2019 webinar highlighting the Workforce Innovation Cohort on Disability and Employment.Link includes capstone resources developed by 18 states focused on Accessibility, Customer Service, and Employer Engagement.
  2. The Playlists: Disability Resources for WIOA PractitionersHigh-quality service to individuals with disabilities is a critical goal of WIOA partners and practitioners. The resources provided within each of the ten playlists on various topics can support your work.
  3. DEI Best Practices Highlights- This page contains mini-brief summaries of disability and employment best practices currently being implemented by Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) grantees.
  4. Disability Focus Tax Incentives: Employers and Individuals with Disabilities- Businesses accommodating or hiring employees with disabilities may qualify for tax credits and deductions.
  5. Workplace Resources for Targeted Disabilities- The percentage of those with a disability in the U.S. civilian population slightly increased from 11.9% in 2010 to 12.7% in 2017. Employment rates vary by types of disability.  This link can help you better understand more about six different disability types and the corresponding resources available. 
  6. Disability and Apprenticeship- Apprenticeships are a great way for people with disabilities to gain entry into a number of well-paying occupations in the technology, manufacturing, construction, and health care industries.
  7. Disability Technical Assistance Videos- ETA featured videos to support our everyday work in nearly 2,400 American Job Centers. 
  8. Disability Statistics and Data- Disability statistics can be a useful tool to increase our collective understanding of the barriers faced by the disability population.  This link includes WIOA Title I Data Snapshot: Interactive Infographic released in May 2019. 
  9. Disability Federal Resources to Support American Job Centers- ETA highlighted resources administered across seven different federal agencies to support American Job Centers increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Link also includes a Federal Online Resource Directory. 
  10. Youth with Disabilities- ETA shared resource links to support workforce professionals to help ensure that youth with disabilities and their families have access to services that can facilitate a seamless a transition during the formative years of development.