To support the Workforce Innovation Cohort on Disability and Employment, the Accessibility Team addressed the following challenge question: How might we further maximize physical and programmatic access for customers with disabilities using the services of an American Job Center?  Leading resources examined and the subsequent products developed by the team are posted here to help maximize organizational learning.

States representing the Accessibility Team were the following:  Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Virginia.

Accessibility Team Cohort Capstone Product

Guide to Increasing Universal Access in WIOA & Partner Systems: A guide for state and/or local cross-system partners to assess and strengthen their own system’s key drivers needed for change and improvement in universal access. This includes an overview of how five cohort states identified concrete action steps addressing areas in leadership, organizational, or capacity.

Accessibility Team Cohort Resources

1. Evaluating the Accessibility of American Job Centers for People with Disabilities - A Department of Labor evaluation report published January 13, 2017 measuring the accessibility of the 1. American Job Center network through the communication, physical, and programmatic lens.This evaluation highlights both the progress and challenges American Job Centers have faced in making its services more accessible to persons with disabilities.

The Benefits of Universal Design - Universal Design is a strategy for making products, environments, operational systems, and services welcoming and usable to the most diverse range of people possible. Its key principles are simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency. When American Job Centers apply Universal Design principles, we are working together towards a world-class service environment to help all Americans get training and find jobs. This link includes historical resources collected on this topic within WorkforceGPS.

WIOA Section 188 & American Job Center Certification – Link to a Joint System Innovation Brief from three technical assistance centers (the LEAD Center, DEI, and WINTAC) highlighting promising practices to support the American Job Center Certification and Equal Opportunity in the states of Missouri, Virginia, and California. 

Promising Practices in Achieving Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity: A Section 188 Disability Reference Guide - This Section 188 Disability Reference Guide provides promising practices that correlate with specific nondiscrimination and equal opportunity requirements in Section 188 of WIOA and its implementing regulations.  This Guide can support American Job Center programs and their partners in the workforce development system.