Should your name be on this business card? The Ticket to Work program can help individuals with disabilities receiving disability benefits opportunities to return to work, stay employed and increase earnings. As a result, beneficiaries with disabilities may reduce their dependency on public benefits and become more economically self-sufficient.This page contains links to administer Ticket to Work through an Employment Network (EN) in the public workforce system. 


  • About Ticket to Work - This Ticket to Work video provides an easy-to-understand overview of the Ticket program for beneficiaries.
  • Public Workforce ENs - This link outlines the four ways to participate in the Ticket to Work program as an Employment Network (EN)
  • EN Payments - The Ticket program is an outcome-based program offering participating service providers financial compensation for successfully assisting all Social Security disability beneficiaries to enter, maintain, and advance in employment.  ENs receive payments through automated systems put in place by Social Security Administration. This link provides an overview of the payment system.
  • Ticket to Work WorkforceGPS Webinar – A September 12, 2018 webinar moderated by ETA titled Ticket to Work Program: An Aligned Mission with WIOA focused on highlighting basic operational principles of the program. 

Partnership Solutions

  • Partnership Plus - Under the Partnership Plus service model, the Social Security Administration could compensate both a State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency and an EN that serve the same beneficiary under the same Ticket. This fact sheet outlines those payment conditions, steps you can take to take advantage of Partnership Plus, and the benefits off this initiative. This vehicle becomes a great incentive for VR and an American Job Center to work together.
  • Administrative ENs - An administrative EN supports a business solution that centralizes and streamlines administrative functions in Ticket program operations to help effectively save on time and cost.  For example, an administrative ENs that currently works with many American Job Centers in the public workforce system is the American Dream Employment Network (ADEN).

Additional Resources

  • Ticket to Work Resource Documents - The U.S. Social Security Administration provides multiple resources to service providers as they work with beneficiaries.  This link includes program resources, fiscal ticket payments overview for different years, and Partnership Plus resources.
  • Service Provider Outreach Toolkit - Once an entity becomes an EN, this link consists of a one-stop resource for Ticket to Work program materials. The materials can be tailored to suit your organization's messaging about its involvement in the Ticket program.