Apprenticeships are a great way for people with disabilities to gain entry into a number of well-paying occupations in the technology, manufacturing, construction, and health care industries. The technical assistance tools linked here range from WorkforceGPS resources, webinars, reports, and videos have been compiled to help you connect the pieces between the disability population and the expanding apprenticeship initiative.
WorkforceGPS Apprenticeship Links
  • Expanding Apprenticeship for Individuals with Disabilities - Apprenticeship is expanding into fields with fewer strict physical demands. This link connects to examples of apprenticeship programs focused on the disability population through different resources.
  • Introduction to Apprenticeship - As apprenticeship continues to grow and diversify across the country, more individuals and organizations are getting involved in apprenticeship work. Those getting started may not know where to begin. This link provides a compilation of “Apprenticeship 101” resources within the Apprenticeship Community of Practice. 
  • The Role of Community Colleges in Registered Apprenticeship - Community colleges often play a critical role in Registered Apprenticeship programs. They can develop the curriculum and provide the classroom instruction portion of an apprenticeship. This link provides a compilation of different examples how community colleges support Registered Apprenticeship.
Young Adult Apprenticeship Focus
  • Youth Apprenticeship - Businesses, workforce professionals, educators, and others are looking to pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship as an effective way to start high school students and other youth on a career pathway that leads to good wages and opportunities for advancement. This page includes resources to help grow apprenticeship for the youth and young adult populations
  • Paid Work Experiences Toolkit- The JDVR-TAC, a technical assistance center for VR agencies, developed a toolkit that provides resources to support the apprenticeship model. 
Videos and WorkforceGPS Webinars