These resources are designed to help connect three key pieces together -- the American Job Center, the employer and individuals with disabilities. They should always interconnect because the American Job Center has a dual customer focus to serve both employers and individuals, including people with disabilities. This supports the WIOA vision to make the American Job Center a seamless customer-focused service delivery model for all its customers.
In an effort to support our national efforts to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities, specialized “community of practice” resources are provided within each of these three components for your ongoing reference:

American Job Center (disability job-driven resources) - Today, there are approximately 2,400 American Job Centers across the nation that offer support for a broad range of people including those with disabilities. This link provides resources for American Job Centers to help increase awareness and have tools available to more effectively support the disability population to enter or return to the labor force.

An Individual with a Disability (job-driven resources) - In Program Year 2015, 156,000 people with disabilities found work using the services of an American Job Center. This link provides supporting material for the front-line American Job Center staff providing specialized services and it provides resources for people with disabilities to help move the job search and career forward.

The Employer (disability job-driven resources) - Businesses have a need to fill jobs with people who can adapt to different situations and it has been documented that the disability population is resilient against different challenges. This link provides resources for employers to effectively recruit, retain, and advance employment for this special population.