The following are resources for the employer to help effectively recruit, retain, and advance people with disabilities to enter or return to the labor force.

ETA Program or Initiatives
  • Apprenticeship Inclusive of Disability Population - Apprenticeship is expanding into fields with fewer strict physical demands, such as construction or assembly line work. Opportunities for individuals with disabilities are growing. The link connects to examples of apprenticeship programs focused on the disability population through toolkits and guides, outreach materials, and the latest research findings.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) - Employers are eligible to receive tax credit for hiring individuals with disabilities. The link outlines how the disability population is one of the several target groups that enables employers to receive this federal benefit.

Accommodations and Technology

  • Accommodation Information Against Disability Types - There are so many tools to accommodate people with disabilities that it can be a challenge for employers to gauge what might work best. This link is a useful resource that lists different disability types and corresponding proposed accommodations to help find a solution.

  • Assistive and Accessible Technology Tools - Technology tools allow workers with disabilities to have unrestricted participation in business. This link clarifies the difference between assistive technology and accessible technology tools and is supported by examples and resources.

WorkforceGPS Tools

  • Business 30-Second Training Modules - A series of 30-second training modules to educate businesses, hiring managers, and supervisors on proven strategies to hire individuals with disabilities. This site was officially designated as a recommended resource for users by ETA staff.


  • Business Strategies For Inclusive Culture - This 18-page resource from ODEP titled “Business Strategies that Work: A Framework for Disability Inclusion” highlights best practices in seven key areas to help achieve a more vibrant and diverse workforce.

Additional Technical Assistance Resources