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This page contains mini-brief summaries of disability and employment best practices currently being implemented by DEI grantees. Overall, it has been found that the implementation of DEI strategies have resulted in an increase in the enrollment of individuals with disabilities at American Job Centers.

Iowa - Reverse Career Fairs: Reaching Employers Directly - Job Seekers with disabilities are often over-looked and not successful in getting the attention of employers when participating in a typical employer-oriented job fair. An innovative career fair practice has been adopted in Iowa called “Reverse Career Fairs”. The job seeker is the one behind the table supporting their employment goals and positioning themselves to showcase their skills, personality, and ambition to prospective employers.

California - Partnership Plus: Action Oriented Solutions - Ensuring that American Job Centers (AJCs) provide full access to services for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) clients who are also Ticket Holders is a challenge. An action oriented solution is represented by the California DEI grantee who entered into a Partnership Plus agreement with VR to better serve Ticket Holders under the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Ticket to Work program.

New York - How to Inspire Ticket Holders - As an American Job Center that serves as a Workforce Employment Network, how do we inspire Ticket Holders to pursue work? They often fear losing Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income and most importantly, related health benefits. Discovering the Ticket Holder’s “Dreams” is key to inspiring them while at the same time acknowledging their fears of poverty and loss of benefits.

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