The Essential Elements of Customized Employment for Universal Application
The Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC) and the Youth Technical Assistance Center (Y-TAC) are national technical assistance centers funded by the Department of Education’s Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to provide technical assistance and training to state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies and their partners. The WINTAC and Y-TAC entered into a partnership with Griffin-Hammis Associates, TransCen, Inc., Marc Gold & Associates, and Virginia Commonwealth University to develop a document to identify the essential elements of customized employment (CE) as a guide for the universal application of these elements across service delivery and training providers. This effort began in response to attempts by VR agencies and other core partners in the workforce development system to effectively achieve competitive integrated employment for individuals with barriers to employment, especially individuals with significant disabilities, as stressed throughout the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Rehabilitation Act as amended. Representatives from the Department of Labor’s Office on Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and RSA have reviewed and approved the content of this Essential Elements document.

It is the hope of all of the parties involved in this effort that The Essential Elements of Customized Employment will result in consistency of CE training content across the nation, an increase in CE training providers, an increase in the capacity and sustainability of CE as a service to individuals in need of the service, and a significant increase in the number of individuals who obtain competitive integrated employment through the strategies, techniques, and interventions articulated in this document.

Although this document articulates the essential elements of CE almost exclusively from the perspective of working with individuals with significant disabilities, CE is an approach that can be used for any individual with barriers to employment in need of the service.

Recommendations for Customized Employment Practices
This document outlines practices that subject matter experts recommend for effectively practicing Customized Employment (CE). This document focuses on practices related to Customized Job Development. This document can also inform training on and evaluation of CE.