The Business 30-Second Training Series and complementary Business Resource Guide were developed with a business focus and designed to educate businesses, hiring managers and supervisors about proven strategies and easy-to-use resources that can assist in retaining and accommodating existing employees who experience onset of a disability.

These tools (e.g. 30-Second Trainings and Resource Guide) will also provide valuable information and sources of support to business in hiring qualified employees who experience a disability, including strategies and resources that can assist in effectively accommodating all employees in achieving their maximum potential and productivity level.

Business 30-Second Training Series Categories:

Note: These 30-Second Trainings should be viewed as a "Slide Show".

Section 503 Final Rule

  • 1. What is Section 503?
  • 2. Where can you find information and resources on the Final Rule of Section 503?
  • 3. Does Section 503 implement changes resulting from passage of the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)?
  • 4. When do federal contractors / subcontractors have to comply with the Section 503 Final Rule?
  • 5. Under Section 503, do contractors have an obligation regarding disability self-identification?

Compliance Benefits

  • 6. What does disability mean for me as an employer/business owner?
  • 7. What are the benefits of making my business disability friendly?
  • 8. What are the benefits of accommodating an employee with a disability?

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Basics

  • 9. Who has protections under the ADA?
  • 10. What employers have compliance responsibilities under the ADA?


Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

  • 11. Why should I hire a person with a disability?
  • 12. How can I find qualified employment candidates with disabilities?
  • 13. What questions can I ask when interviewing an applicant with a disability?
  • 14. What is a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and how can it help me?
  • 15. Where can I find a short online video that dispels 10 common myths about hiring people with disabilities?
  • 16. What are the benefits of becoming an Employer Partner with SSA’s Ticket to Work Program?


Employment Basics

  • 17. I've hired a person with a disability. Now what? (Overview of legal requirements and practical strategies)
  • 18. What is a reasonable accommodation?
  • 19. What should I do when my employee asks me for an accommodation?
  • 20. What are some ways I can accommodate ALL my employees?
  • 21. Under the ADA, can I discipline or fire an employee with a disability?
  • 22. What tax incentives are available for employers who hire people with disabilities?