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The Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program (CAP) is funded to provide accommodation solutions for Federal employees. 

In addition, CAP has developed expertise and training protocols for Assistive Technology (AT) solutions across the spectrum of disability. The CAP website lists commonly requested accommodation solutions under five disability categories: Blind/Low Vision, Cognitive, Communication, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, and Dexterity. Under each category individuals can browse the different types of accommodations commonly provided by CAP. 

Each piece of technology offers a short description of the AT equipment and an estimate of how long it could take to provide it to the Federal employee. Accommodations that are outside of CAP’s scope, meaning CAP is unable to provide these kinds of accommodations to employees. 

CAP offers several ways to learn about the assistive technologies available to improve an individual’s capabilities. Whether through a needs assessment, a demonstration video, or by browsing the CAP website, CAP has resources available to provide information on technologies that can be used to maintain, increase, or improve a person’s ability to perform on the job. 


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