The Youth Transition Demonstration: Lifting Employment Barriers for Youth with Disabilities. This issue brief, published by Mathematica Policy Research’s (MPR) Center for Studying Disability Policy, provides a summary description of the demonstration and findings from the implementation and interim impact analyses.

,p>The author describes the demonstration design and services available to treatment group participants, including work-based experiences, youth empowerment, family training activities, benefits counseling and waivers of certain disability benefit provisions to allow youth participants to keep more of their benefits while working, and system linkages to help connect youth to services. The author also provides information on treatment and control groups in the YTD projects that used random assignment. To support implementation, projects were also provided technical assistance by TransCen, Inc. The brief notes that SSA-funded YTD services have ended, the implementation analysis has been completed, and the impact analysis is currently ongoing.

Findings from the implementation analysis showed considerable variation in the amount and focus of services from project to project in phase one. In response, the technical assistance was modified to assist phase two projects to focus more strongly on connecting youth with competitive employment. Findings from the interim impact analysis indicate that projects that provided more hours of services had a greater impact on the employment outcomes of youth during the year after they entered the evaluation. Of the four projects that provided the most hours of services, three had positive impacts on the number of youth who found paying jobs, and two also had positive impacts on annual earnings.