Tuesday, May 22, 2018 3:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM ET

This DEI Grantee Learning Opportunity examines how DEI has increased access to and outcomes within Career Pathways for job seekers with disabilities providing a guiding framework for the field.


The presenters, Brian Ingram, Sarah Loizeaux, and Miranda Kennedy with NDI Consulting, Inc. will be sharing a strategic framework to facilitate DEI impact on Career Pathways at the local, regional and state level for DEI projects. This framework will incorporate examples from the field discussed in Part 2 of this series along with responses from select DEI grantees that have reviewed and begun to incorporate this framework into their thinking and application related to their work plans.

DEI Grantees and Partners will come away with a structure for DEI Career Pathways that provides a framework to achieve functional alignment at the state, regional, and local levels:
  • Beginner: Investigation, Finding Out What Exists
  • Intermediate: Problem-Solving and Engagement
  • Advanced: Sustainability/Expansion of Systems Impact


Miranda Kennedy, National Disability Institute,
DEI Director of Training and Technical Assistance
DEI Technical Assistance Team


Brian Ingram
DEI Career Pathways SME for the DEI, DEI Technical Assistance Team

Sarah Loizeaux
TA Liaison for the DEI, DEI Technical Assistance Team