Monday, May 22, 2017 3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM ET

This two-part DEI Grantee Learning Opportunity examines Career Pathways at the System and Program Level.


During this two-part series, the presenters provided an overview on Career Pathways and how Career Pathways and DEI strategies align at the “system level” and under WIOA. This included information on how DEI project leadership and partners can assess and organize their work on the DEI to achieve better alignment within the structure of Career Pathways and WIOA.  In addition, they provided a breakdown on Career Pathways strategies at the “program level”. This included information on how Career Pathways and DEI intervention strategies intersect with one another at the customer level and action items for DEI project staff and partners to engage in to capitalize upon that intersection to create inclusive programs and positive performance outcomes.

This webinar covered the following:

Part 1:
  • Understand the relationship between DEI and Career Pathways (CP) strategies and the link to WIOA
  • Explain the six systems-level elements and each element’s components
  • Assess the current status of your State/regional CP system and prepare an action plan to effectively collaborate with different CP systems
  • Organize a state/regional CP team to demonstrate the value of aligning DEI and CP System strategies


Laura Gleneck, Program Manager, NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team


Miranda Kennedy, Director of Training - NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team

Dave Mayer, DEI Career Pathways Subject Matter Expert - NDI-DEI Technical Assistance Team