Thursday, June 18, 2015 3:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM ET

This DEI Grantee Training is the second in a four part series targeted to all DRCs in all rounds of DEI Projects to help new DRCs orient to their roles and provide validation and additional strategies and clarification for DRCs who are more mature in their role.


During the second part of this "Role of the DRC" series we delved into the roles that DRCs can play in supporting their Workforce Employment Network both at a systems and individual level in their Job Centers order to facilitate meaningful and sustainable employment outcomes for ticketholders/AJC customers with disabilities. This training was presented by Doug Keast and Miranda Kennedy with the NDI Technical Assistance Team.

DEI Orientation Part 2: The Role of the DRC and the Workforce Employment Network - This training covered the following topics:

  • Understanding of the Guidance of DEI, WIOA and SSA with regard to EN operation
  • Recognition of the DRC role in EN operation related to their EN model
  • Appreciation for how effective American Job Center (AJC) customer flow should incorporate EN activity so that it is not a separate program or silo


Miranda Kennedy, Director of Training for the Disability Employment Initiative


Doug Keast, Ticket to Work Expert for the Disability Employment Initiative