Disability and Employment

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Accessing Your Disability Partners


Author: Laura Gleneck

Created On: 2/8/2018 2:33:05 PM

A key goal of the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) and its predecessor, Disability Program Navigator (DPN) initiative, is to build the capacity of the public workforce system to provide more meaningful and effective employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. One strategy that local project staff, i.e., Disability Resource Coordinators/Disability Navigators, use to increase access and awareness of AJC staff on disability is to bring in community / state partners from disability organizations (e.g., Center for Independent Living, Mental Health Agency, Vocational Rehabilitation, Assistive Technology program, etc.) to talk about different types of disabilities and the services and resources available to support them. Likewise, these disability partners are invited to participate in AJC orientations/trainings to learn more about the programs of the Job Center and how they can support and enhance each other's services leading to a more inclusive environment and increased community supports.