Where do you go if you have a question about workplace accommodations?

Posted 11/12/2017 5:50 AM by Jayson Gleneck

The ADA Amendments Act and regulations from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refocused attention on workplace accommodations by broadening the definition of disability; more coverage means more employees will likely be entitled to workplace accommodations.

This increased attention has some employers concerned about the costs of providing job accommodations. However, a recent study conducted by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) shows that workplace accommodations not only are low cost, but also positively impact the workplace in many ways.

JAN is the leading source of “free”, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues; it represents the most comprehensive job accommodation resource available. JAN’s consultants offer one-on-one guidance on workplace accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related legislation, and self-employment and entrepreneurship options for people with disabilities.

Some reasons to access JAN include if you have questions related to interviewing, hiring and/or accommodating applicants/employees with disabilities or if you need information on accommodation options/ideas.

JAN has developed an online tool to help businesses successfully recruit, hire and retain applicants and employees with disabilities. The Toolkit provides inclusive practices at various phases of the employment life cycle for hiring managers and supervisors, human resource professionals, accommodation consultants, and allies of employees with disabilities.

  • Add this to your collection of go to disability and employment resources and let us know other ideas to help build a more inclusive workforce?
  • Let us know what your go to resources are for workplace accommodations and ADA compliance?

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