ETA is pleased to announce the release of a new technical guide, Ticket to Work: Operating a Workforce EN Planning Guide and Workbook, to promote the benefits of operating as a workforce Employment Network (EN) and to enhance awareness of available resources to help in this process, including guidance and promising practices.

ETA developed this new technical guide with the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the Social Security Administration (SSA) for American Job Centers with input from nineteen workforce systems currently operating as ENs.

The Planning Guide and Workbook has been designed to assist state and local area workforce leadership in the process of becoming and operating as a workforce EN within the customer service vision of WIOA. It includes a set of activities (e.g., checklists, discussion questions, exercises) to help walk through the process to make an informed decision, and serve as an operational resource for existing workforce ENs.

Learn more about the launch of this new resource by accessing the archive for the May 26th national webinar, Practices in Workforce Employment Network Operation – New Technical Guidance, This session provided highlights from the technical guide, promotes the advantages this opportunity provides to local systems, and shares the experiences of three current workforce systems from the workforce EN operators themselves.