The Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center posted an Order of Selection resource for all states administering VR services. The VR program is required to serve individuals with the most significant disabilities first when there are not enough resources to serve everyone eligible for VR services. Individuals with the most significant disabilities are given a priority over those with less significant disabilities, a process known as “order of selection”.
For those individuals not in a priority category being served in a state under an Order of Selection, the state VR agency must refer the individual to another program that may be able to meet their needs. In order to ensure individuals with disabilities seeking employment and training services receive the services they need for employment, ETA would like to reinforce the importance of having a highly coordinated service delivery system at the local level with the Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, and Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Services programs as one example to help make it a seamless experience for the customer.