Study of Customer Satisfaction With Office of 5 Disability Employment Policy TA Centers

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Chief Evaluation Office, Department of Labor
Notice for Public Comment
Federal Register / Vol. 82, No. 112 / Tuesday, June 13, 2017 / Notices

Background:  The Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) of the U.S. Department of Labor in partnership with the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) seeks to examine customer satisfaction with ODEP TA Centers. ODEP established five TA Centers to serve a diverse set of purposes, functions, and customers. Operating with grants funded by ODEP, these Centers assist employers, federal agencies, state governments, non-profits, individuals with disabilities, and others with technical assistance and policy development concerning the integration of people with disabilities into employment. The overarching goals of the study are to determine the extent to which customers are satisfied with the TA provided by the Centers and to document the processes and methods used by the TA Centers to encourage the adoption and implementation of ODEP’s policies and practices by targeted and untargeted customers.

This Federal Register Notice provides the opportunity to comment on the four proposed data collection instruments that will be used in the study.

The five centers include:
  • Employer Resource Network (EARN);
  • National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Y);
  • Job Accommodation Network (JAN);
  • Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT); and
  • National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Economic Advancement of People with Disabilities (LEAD).

Please access the web link above to read the full notice including information and how and where to submit public comments.

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